Less is more

Yes, we need to be active but do you know the threshold of where too much exercise actually ruins your health?  Becky will work with you to find balance!


Mindful Movement

Becky is a big believer in form and technique.  When you are mindful, focused and deliberate with your movement pattern, you will protect your joints and get maximum benefit!


Non-toxic Living

You could have the perfect workout schedule and impeccable diet and still feel awful if you are exposing yourself to environmental toxins.  Makeup, plastics and perfumes are just a few examples of products that can make you chubby and sick.

Functional Fitness

Every move of every program has a real world application and reason for doing it, other than aesthetics. That's just the gravy!


Emotional Well Being

What good is a smokin' hot, healthy bod if you aren't happy and present to appreciate it? Also, chronic stress can inhibit healing and weight loss.

Quality Sleep

Sometimes sleep is more important than exercise.  A good nights sleep can balance your hormones, eliminate cravings and help with fat loss.

Weight Management With Food

You should not have to excessively exercise to maintain your weight. We work out to be healthy, have muscles, be sculpted and support our posture. Weight management comes from proper nutrition and appropriately fueling your body with an abundance of quality food.


You can expect to burn, shake and sweat during your sessions with Becky.  Many moves are done to muscle fatigue to transform your body quickly!