These are some amazing products that I frequently recommend for my clients to get the most out of their sessions with me and have vibrant health!

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Collagen Supplement to help with injuries, strengthen connective tissue, build muscle, heal the gut, have beautiful hair, skin and nails.

Green Powder to fill in any micro-nutrient gaps in the diet and alkalize the body for optimal health.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses to wear at night to block the artificial blue light that is emitted from televisions, computer screens or light bulbs.  Blocking this type of light will facilitate great sleep (where all the fat-burning, muscle-building, disease-fighting magic happens) and proper melatonin production.

Keto OSThe perfect supplement to a fat based approach to health.  Gives you energy, clear skin, great sleep and more!!!

DoTerra Essential Oils.  You name an ailment and there is an oil for it!  The best one to start with is Lavender because of its versatility.  It calms the nervous system, clears skin blemishes, and helps you focus.  For more uses, check out my blog post 45 Uses for Lavender

Coconut Oil Adding this to your diet will literally make you burn fat.  Enough said.

 Fermented Cod Liver Oil  Because this disgusting sounding food will load your body up with fat soluble vitamins and make you superhuman.

Probiotic  because gut health is where it's at!

 Stevia Drops to sweeten teas and recipes with no glycemic load.  Keto and paleo friendly!

Cacao Butter is an amazing fat to add to your tea to boost serotonin. Amazing for anxiety and depression.

 Ceylon Cinnamon to regulate blood sugar levels

Yoni Eggs to strengthen pelvic floor.  These muscles are the foundation of your core strength!